It's hard to believe it took this long for something like this to evolve.  Bullpup designs have been around for a hundred years, though admittedly rare in 1900. Tactical accessory rails are now dated.  Plastic guns have been around forever.  But all that in a pump shotgun, that and more in the Kel Tec KSG.

Kel Tec KSG

The magazine is revolutionary, too.  2 tubes under the barrel hold 7 shots each, selectable with a switch on the receiver.  That makes this gun light (it's made out of plastic), short (the bullpup configuration puts the receiver at your shoulder, giving you an 18 inch legal barrel, while still being as short as any sawn off shotgun), and carrying more ammo than two shotguns.  I wasn't a fan of Kel Tec it their early days, and I thought their little carry guns unreliable.  Time has proven me wrong, and they make guns as good as anyone.  This shot gun seems to be a pretty interesting design, but a bit expensive.  On Gunbroker, they rarely go under 1200 bucks.  Slick design nonetheless.

My buddy Ric sent me the link to this video from 2BrothersAdventures

In 1910, Eugene Ely flew a Curtis pusher off the deck of a converted cruiser to make the first winged aircraft takeoff from a Navy ship (Except for possibly  Samuel Langley, who catapulted unsteerable aircraft off a houseboat to their doom).  Curtis' plane was a success largely because of Wright's patents.  Unable to use wing warping technology, Curtis used ailerons instead, which all planes have today.  It's landing gear was a tricycle arrangement which most planes also use now.  It wasn't a power house, pushing 40 horsepower from his own design, but was astounding for the day.  The first "carrier" takeoff and flight was a success, and the next year, another Curtis D made the first landing on a navy ship.  

First Carrier takeoff

Last October, the USN tested it's latest carrier hotrod, the short takeoff and landing F-35B.  This is the coolest bird ever, and makes you want to be a flyboy.  Everything this plane does looks effortless, almost aircraft ballet. The F-35B is the first plane to include vertical takeoff and landing capability with supersonic speeds and stealth technology. The internal weapons bay can hold a ton of stuff, but if you don't care about stealth, you can really load the wings down with 15,000 lbs of weapons.  It looks on schedule to replace the Marines F-18s and Harriers.

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