One thing that is great about America is garages.  Inside those garages the inveterate American tinkerer is alive and well, and in  this case, cranking out Gatling guns (pun intended).  Buying a Gatling gun is incredibly expensive, so the patrons of Gatling Gun Forums focus on building their own guns, and there is plenty of helpful info in this regard.  The most interesting section for me is the Progress section, where builders show the state of their build at the moment.  Some pretty nice work.

Contributor my65pan's progress on .22 Gatling

my65pan Gatling gun


Contributor Bruski's Gatling carriage

bruski's Gatling carriage


Contributor steampunk's 9mm blank firing Gatling

steampunk's Gatling gun


Contributor jftool's .22 Gatling

jftool's Gatling gun


Contributor jarhead jim's 12 gauge 6 barrel Gatling

jarhead jim's Gatling gun