According to RiaNovosti and EnglishRussia, A IL-2 Shturmovik fighter bomber was pulled from a lake in northern Russia. On Nov 25, 1943, the plane made a forced landing on the frozen lake, the pilot and wounded gunner survived, evacuating the plane moments before it crashed through the ice and sinking to the bottom of the lake.  The pilot's son had been instrumental in recovering the aircraft which will be repaired and turned into a monument.

Recovered IL-2

Another Shturmovik was recently restored, rebuilt from four wrecks recovered in Russia.  That plane is currently at Paine's Field, north of Seattle, and is a part of the Flying Heritage collection.  The plane is due to be flown on Sep 15th, 2012, as part of a maintenance flight,  It seems that about any day of the year, a fighter is being run out on the ramp, run up and possible flown, to keep them in working order.

Flying Heritage's IL-2