It's Saint Patrick's day again, and Cincinnati Irishmen are trying to take over the predominately German City of Cincinnati.  One of those Irishmen, Tom Griffin, is the honorary Grand Marshall for the parade on March 17th, and who also was in the 9th B-25 crew to fly off an aircraft carrier and bomb Japan in the early days of World War TWo. The famous Doolittle raid was a suicide mission, as they didn't have enough gas to come home, and barely enough to make it to mainland China, but it was a morale boost when events looked their darkest in 1942.  

Picture of Tom Griffon

Tom lives in Cincinnati, and has had quite a career in WW2.  After bailing out over China, he was repatriated back to the states, but didn't have a lot of time to goof off, and was soon sent to Africa to take part in Operation Torch, this time in a B-26.  He was shot down this time over Sicily and crash landed off the coast, was rescued again and was back in the air.  He was shot down for the last time over Italy, during a huge air battle.  Tom was captured by the Germans and sat out the war.  Never flinching from duty, Tom is an honored veteran at Cincinnati's Tristate Warbird Museum and has earned membership in the "greatest generation".

Tristate Warbird Museum

Cincinnati's St. Patrick Day Parade