Some people just have to shoot the biggest, baddest, meanest gun they can get their hands on.  Right now the king of the heap is the 4 bore rifle, shooting a 2000 grain solid copper or lead bullet.  The shell is 5 inches long and 1 inch around.  The recoil is, as you can imagine, out of this world and the muzzle energy is around 9000 foot pounds. That equals quite a handful. The guns aren't cheap either, and they are all custom made, as few mainstream manufacturers want the liability.

Picture of 4 bore rifle

There isn't much of a case for necessity for these arms, as a standard 30-06 can kill anything in North America.  However I did just see a notice in the local community paper about the circus coming to Batavia for a weekend.  And they've got elephants too.  Possibly mad elephants.  Maybe I do need one of these.

Picture of 4 bore ammunition

Century Arms in Australia will build me one for US$35,000.  It is just a single barrel, and I better make it count because each shot will cost 85 bucks (on

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