For single shot guys, we couldn't live in a better time.  Purists may think the 19th Century was prime time, but we build guns now that are virtually indestructible, have the sweetest triggers and can be had in calibers that hadn't even been dreamed up then.   One interesting gun being built now by the Ballard Rifle and Cartridge Company is the recreation of the British Jeffery's Sharps.

The W. J. Jeffery & Co. made some of the stoutest rifles to stop the biggest creatures being hunted in Africa's heyday.  The Ballard rifles are traditionally made, beginning with an X-rayed steel billet, machined and polished, with original bone charcoal color case hardening available.  Hand rubbed walnut stocks, premium target barrels and hand polished metal is more a work of art than merely  utilitarian rifle duty.  The Jeffery-Sharps brings back the high wall Express rifle, 9-15 pounds with medium to heavyweight barrels for the smallest to meanest cartridges, which even include the 400 Jeffrey.  

Admittedly it is expensive, but what isn't?  The Ballard Company makes beautiful rifles, so much so you'll hate to get them dirty.  It usually takes them eight to twelve months to complete your rifle (which would kill me!) and they are completely built in house in Onsted,  Michigan.  They will also restore or repair your old single shot rifle using techniques from the past with materials of the present.

However, if you really had to have a real Jeffery Rifle, the original company seems to still be in business.  Their rifles are distributed in the USA  by Buehler Custom Sporting Arms

picture of Ballard Arms Jeffery-Sharps