Even though their gun laws are so severe, there are lots of gun guys left in Australia.   And some of these guys formed a company,  Australian International Arms,  to bring the Lee Enfield into the 21st Century.  Their original idea was to build a bolt gun with a large capacity magazine and adaptable to several calibers.  They redesigned a No. 4 Enfield receiver to take the Brewer collar and barrel system, used by Savage for years to produce a range of inexpensive and reliable hunting rifles.  This method makes installing or changing a barrel much easier and quicker than the traditional method.

Magazine details

Their next innovation included redesigning the magazine well to take an adapter, and the adapter sets the stage for which caliber's magazine you can use, without the expense of a different receiver.   Since they decided early on that adapting surplus original receivers wouldn't do, they were now free to use the latest CNC manufacturing methods with high grade steel.  The design of the original bolt also helped them out in changing calibers, as the removable bolt head was the only part that needed to be unique.

rifle cutaway

There were problems getting them into the states as some parts were reportedly sourced in Vietnam, but I think that is all a thing of the past.  The rifle seems to be a global product, as parts and development are sourced around the world.  Teak is sourced globally also, but finally assembly is in Queensland, and they are proud that this is, in effect, a wood and steel gun, with no plastic or nylon involved.  All things considered, I think James Paris Lee would approve.

AIA's rifles