The aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth is taking shape in Scotland.  The ship has been built all over the United Kingdom with sections built by subcontractors and assembled at Babcock's dockyard at Rosyth.  The biggest section was moved into place last November, but the aircraft carrier won't begin any kind of trials for another four years.

picture of Queen Elizabeth concept

From the Royal Navy website

It's quite a beast.  This is the largest warship ever to be built in the UK and approaches the size of America's supercarriers.  The weapons systems are fed by a military version of a FEDEX warehouse.  Tracks carry palletised loads of ammunition that are automatically routed to their destination.  The aircraft will be STOL versions of the F-35, since the catapult went way over budget. The ship will be driven by 2 huge electric motors, with some of the biggest gas turbine and diesel generators ever in the Royal Navy.    

Britain aims to have this ship and possibly one other to comprise their entire carrier force when the current carriers reach their end of life.  This and the fact that it takes forever to build one is kind of scary when you face the possibility of losing them in battle.  Anti ship missiles and torpedos are serious weapons.  In the first year of WW2 the US alone lost five carriers.  The good thing is that there are relatively few adversaries with the capability of taking on England, which would also include the US being involved.

The following video is from Royal Navy Live's channel on Youtube