Cornell Publications lists over 2500 reprinted gun catalogs from as far back as 1835. There is a huge selection from the British Commonwealth and European catalogs also. This pictured example of Webley revolvers is 43 full color pages sized about 6" by 8" for $13.95.

picture of catalog

At the machine gun shoot at Knob Creek last weekend, a vender had several Gardner guns, and their newest offering, an 1877 model of the Gatling called a Bulldog.  These guns featured a fully enclosed bronze casting over the barrels and breech, and had a rear crank.  This gun had a rate of fire of a thousand rounds per minute.  The Bruce feed, like the Gardner, enabled loaders to keep the gun topped up so the gunner didn't have to stop to reload.  These guns are offered by the U.S. Armament Corps, in Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

Bulldog Gatling