An 1873 5 barreled Nordenfelt gun is up for auction online at  This original gun was captured by the U.S. during the Spanish American War. The gun appears to be in Spanish 50/70 caliber.  The octagonal barrels are blued and there are internal parts missing.   Bidding starts at 10 grand USD, and there are 5 days left as of 4/25/10.

Update: This gun  sold for $20,000 USD

nordenfelt 5 barrelled gun

In a story in the Guardian, the remains of Harry Willis, an Australian voluteer, was found and identified  in the first mass grave discovered in 80 years. The grave, in Frommeles in northern France, held over 250 other bodies as well.  They were killed in an attack on the German lines in Lille, and it was Harry's first day in Combat.  Over 5,500 Australians were killed in the attack, described as the country's worst day.  Harry was a Lewis gunner.

Picture of Harry