The Great Silence, written by Juliet Nicolson, describes the bleak aftermath of WW1 in Great Britain, where the survivors both military and civilian tried to pick up their lives.  World War 1 had ravaged the continent and brought home over 1.5 million wounded Englishmen to be assimilated back into civilian life.  Quite a story, reviewed by the Wall Street Journal, and available on Amazon.

A bloody invasion by Great Britain changed Tibet's fortunes forever.  In a story in the New York Times, the 1904 invasion of Tibet by Britain's Sir Francis Younghusband pulled off a ploy for personal glory and gained commercial concessions for his government. He stayed for 2 months and destroyed the medieval Tibetan army.  These events drove the Chinese to occupy Tibet as a buffer to other colonial incursions.  The story of the events are detailed in a book by Charles Allen titled "Duel in the Snows", which is also available in the OBG/Amazon bookstore.