In a story in the Daily Mail, a diary belonging to a British WW1 tanker is going to be auctioned off.  The diary, belonging to a Lt. Wootton, was found by his great granddaughter with other effects.  The diary also contains drawings and watercolors done by Lt. Wootton, and is a remarkable first hand story of war in the trenches, and what it was like fighting from the newly invented tanks. He was awarded the MC (Military Cross) for bravery in the Nov 20 1917 action near Marcoing.  Finally his tank was put out of action and, badly wounded, returned home.  The auction is at Hansons Auctioneers on Sept. 29.

UPDATE: 9/26/2010

The BBC reported that Lt. Wootton's diary brought £9,600 at the auction. 

Page from Woottons diary

In a competition peculiar to the Royal Navy, the Royal Tournament reenacts a time during the Boer War when the RN chaps pulled some ships guns inland.  It involves dragging guns over obstacles, dissasembling them, pulling the parts through simulated gaps in defenses, putting them all back together and firing 3 rounds.  These guys mean business, as you can see from a video from the 1997 trials.