Probably the last police force on earth still using Lee Enfield rifles are finally upgrading to modern self-loading rifles according to the Calcutta Telegraph. The Assam police chief says fighting modern criminals and terrorists with old bolt action rifles is leaving the authorities at a disadvantage. The police have already begun to acquire AK style rifles like the Indian Insas. The rifles aren't going away though, they are just being passed down to the Forest Guards. Assam province in India is home to Indian Rhinos, one of the most endangered species on earth.

Assam policeman

Insas rifle

Interesting blog post on Dr. Gatling's gun on the net.  Richard Gatling may have been more interesting as a person than just the guy who invented the automatic feed gun.  Best line is “that if he could invent a gun which would do the work of 100 men, the other ninety and nine could remain at home and be saved to the country.”

Picture of Gatling gun