Fort George, in Inverness, Scotland, an 18th century still mighty fortress is in danger of closing because of UK defense cuts. Still a working barracks, it is home to a battalion of the famous Black Watch. The fort defends the sea approaches to Inverness, and is protected on the landward side by loose shale, which would have kept an 18th century foe from dragging guns too close to the walls. Fort George is based on the star design, and has a museum and several re-enactments every year. The previous powder magazine, which could hold over 2,600 barrels of powder, is now home to the Seafield Collection of arms and military equipment.

The virtual world, Second Life, is a digital realm where you can be anything or anybody you want. Your avatar (the digital representation of you) can interact with others, or just explore. There is also a thriving economy, where you can own land, build things or buy things, like clothes. You can also buy things like Gatling guns to protect yourself and/or your land there. The Deckard & Quinn Co. build things for sale there, and this brass and steel Gatling gun is one of them. Brass and steel may be a misnomer as it is all ones and zeros. But possibly brass and steel ones and zeros. Only $560 Linden dollars or $2.69 USD.