Nice Lancaster cake, made by follower of Just Jane's twitter feed.... @NX611JustJane

picture of Just Jane cake...

Just Jane is based in East Kirby in the UK, a Bomber Command museum.  The aircraft was built in April 1945, and was a bit late to get into the war, but served in maritime patrol and sea rescue duties for the French Naval Air Arm in the South Pacific.  The aircraft was eventually bought and restored to taxiing condition.  The cost of making this bird a flier must be astronomical.

picture of Just Jane in French Service

The museum, The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, is owned and operated by 2 brothers who had lost their eldest brother over Nuremberg in 1944.  In addition to Just Jane, the museum features the original control tower, a C-47 transport, and several rare aircraftand is expanding all the time.  

Looks to be a nice place to visit, and you can get a ride!