If you wanted to visit a museum that could show you the last 600 years of arms and armor, you could visit the British Royal Armouries.  They house all the cannon, pikes, armor and all matter of military thinks that the UK isn't using at the moment.  They have four convenient locations... Leeds, Ft. Nelson in Portsmouth, the Tower of London..... and Louisville, Kentucky.

picture of exhibit

Louisville Kentucky???  How did that happen?  Personally I don't know how it happened, but you can visit the Frazier Museum in downtown Louisville, (Just 3 short hours from my house... Leeds is a lot farther...) and see spectacular displays of arms and armor from Medieval Knights, through the Tudor period, and up into the 19th Century.  The displays also contain life size figures in period dress, surrounded by the arms of the time.  It is well worth the visit.  

There is also plenty of American arms from ages gone by to peak the  curiosity any one even remotely interested in martial subjects.  As the Frazier Museum's website puts it, "The Frazier’s extraordinary collection includes over 5,000 artifacts. Ranging from the foothills of Vietnam to the rolling moors of England to Louisville’s own unique story, the Frazier tells moving stories found nowhere else."  It's worth a visit, and a lot cheaper than going to England if you live in the states.