Nirbheek, a Hindi word for "Fearless", was released this month by the Indian Ordnance Factory. It is a lightweight copy of an old Webley Mk IV, designed to be used by women.  Lightweight probably means titanium, and the little revolver is chambered for the .32 long and short cartridges.  Most military handgun cartridges are illegal in India, though that is being relaxed in area's that have higher terrorist threats. There is also an added safety, the earlier Webley revolver did not have.  The Ordnance Factories are India's Military Industrial Complex and were formed as early as the 1700's when the Brits ruled the roost. 

picture of Nirbheek revolver

The recent gang rapes in India prompted the manufacture of this gun.  India has a lot of guns, probably over 40 million already, most of which are not registered.  It's hard to say it this gun will have any effect, as a women convicted of killing someone with it is liable to get life, rape or no rape.  The Nirbheek is expected to bring $2000. US.


picture of Nirbheek flyer