One of the most intimidating tanks of all time is being shown right now in Bovington's huge festival of armor, otherwise known as Tankfest 2012.

Tankfest Brochure

The tank in the video is of course the frightening German Tiger tank of WW2.  As fearsome a beast as any on  the planet at that time, it is now tamed for your enjoyment.  The guys at the museum have been working overtime to get this tank, and others ready for the Tankfest, going on right now.  Among all the new iron is a WW1 tank from the movie 'Warhorse', now acquired by the museum and being shown.  British Army on maneuvers, WW1 air battles, every odd tank in the world driving by, should be quite a time.  If you haven't left yet, you're probably too late, however, lots of youtube videos so as not to be left out.