It's not news that the British Army has fallen on hard times... But in answer to that, Bernard Reeves built a military light strike vehicle to replace those expensive Vikings, Warthogs and Land Rovers in one go.  Constructed from the remains of a  Reliant Robin,  it's able to carry machine guns, all manner of military equipment (well, not a huge amount) and even some ammunition!  With rear tracks it can go almost anywhere, and there is only one wheel in the front to get stuck in the mud, reducing that possibility by 50%.

picture of British strike vehicles - Rugged Robin

And the junkyards in England are full  of the raw material needed to convert the present armored behemoths to a fleet of trim camo green Robins (or sand for Afghanistan).  The engine might need a bit of upgrading, though, as it only sports an 850cc motor.  

In actuality, Bernard may have just built it because he was miffed at the Top Gear guys making fun of his favorite car.  In any case, he gave this this Reliant a new lease on life.