BAE, the spiritual successor to Armstrong and Vickers, is shrinking rapidly due to the scarcity of military contracts.  The Tyneside works is closing, home to Armstrong's Elswick Works, and later, Vickers Armstrong, although there are only a little over 300 workers there now.  There used to be over 25 thousand... The Tyneside area practcally invented the industrial revolution.  The Terrier tank is being made there now, but BAE says there is little possibility of new armor contracts after the Terrier program is finished this year.  All the middle east wars are winding down, and there is no interest or cash to start any new ones.

Terrier vehicle

The Terrier Engineer vehicle clears mines and obstacles, can dig it's own obstacles and can keep up with the latest British tanks.  It can have a crew of 2 or be remotely operated.  Seems like a pretty handy piece of kit, war or no war.  There are a few countries in southeast asia that can use a mine clearing vehicle or two.  BAE should call them up.  The following video is a British Army Engineering (recruitment?) video, and has some shots of Terriers in action. They make the dirty life of an army engineer look so glamorous, I want to join up!