Missiles on the roofs of apartment buildings is causing all sorts of kerfluffle in London.  I don't know if this bothers me so much as the stuff you don't see.... Royal Navy submarines with their stuff armed,  Tornadoes high overhead, and all manner of snipers looking at you through their scopes attached to pretty lethal rifles.  It's sad to say, but this is the norm now, but it does take getting used to.  I wonder how much of this is going on just for football games?

picture of rooftop missiles I think the thing about these missiles that would really bother me would be if they did knock something down.  I would be happier if their warhead could vaporize an incoming airliner, cause you know that huge bloody thing will be heading for the ground.  Not so good for the passengers or the pedestrians.  At least in the past we had the illusion of having our fate in our own hands. Now every government and terrorist group has their fingers on some pretty big triggers, and I don't like it.  I think if I were a Londoner, I'd be off for holiday.