Mob Guns is a company operating out of Florida, but after seeing their merchandise you would think they were from Chicago...  in the 1930's. They specialize in restoration of classic guns, hardware Al Capone would be used to.  The gun collector community is united in feeling guns are best left alone, although taken care of, but Mob Guns like to customise their iron, and it seems like some nice work, although a little over the top.

Webley Mk VI

They like to restore classic guns, although that is about all you can restore, since plastic guns don't really lend themselves to refinishing and metalwork.  They will do restorations, but it seems they lean towards pimping their hardware, and their finishes are pretty wild.  Their work isn't cheap, but few craftsmen are.  They just started a new line of Fitz specials.  These are classic combat revolvers of the fifties,  a belly gun devoid of anything that can get in the way of being brought to bear... some don't even have sights!  These guns should be available soon. 

.45 Fitz Special