Looking for some gun related Christmas gift items on Etsy.com of all places.  This is where all the handmade goods makers congregate, and some craft type people as well.  But not only do they make cutsy items to sit on your mantle, there are also some twisted guys churning out guns that can only star in a future sci-fi flick.  Most are made from Airsoft or BB guns, with the odd Nerf gun thrown in too.  Some of these items are pretty interesting.

Broomhandle Airsoft BB gun

This Broomhandle Airsoft BB gun has Hans Solo written all over it.  The skull and crossbones is a nice touch too. Offered by the OldJunkyardBoutique for only 34 bucks, and it's a shooter too, how can you resist?

Beretta Steampunk gun

Another cool Steampunk gun from Umbrella Laboratory looks to be a Beretta 92 under all the gear, but says it started out in life as a toy or prop gun and consequently doesn't fire.  Pretty cool anyway, only 25 bucks and it has a cool skull on the handgrips.

Steampunk pocket pistol

From faustus70 comes a Steampunk pocket pistol, it seems to come from Spain which does (or did) have one hell of an arms industry.  Spanish guns were known for their on and off again quality, but as this one only fires darts of some kind you should be safe from the occasional exploding gun in your hand.  Only 40 bucks

The deadly Orange Grenade

And if all else fails, you can resort to evil fruit with this hand grenade that will either really blow you up or only cover you with sticky orange juice.  Last ditch weapon. (really last ditch!)

Merry Xmas!