One thing the Brits got over us in the states is the BBC.  A new show not available in the US, Dig 1940, is presented by archaeologist Jules Hudson as he travels around France and England digging up old artifacts of WW2.  In Episode 1, Hudson and his team dig up an old Stuka in France.  Thank God for YouTube, you can at least get a small clip of the show.  Since the world has gotten smaller, it is more noticeable how  restrictive national boundaries are starting to get in the way of everything from commerce to a little tv enjoyment.  Hopefully the internet will circumvent these restrictions some day.

A flight of Stukas

In this first episode, a British fighter pilot explained that a Stuka's strength and weakness was it's ability to dive straight down, by using it's air brakes.  This made their bombing more accurate, but slowed the aircraft down making it susceptible to British fighters.  The plane dug up on the show must have dove straight into the ground, with few recognizable parts coming up out of the hole.