Roland Wolfe was an American flying for the RAF out of Northern Ireland early in the war, before the US was in it.  After a mission in 1941 guarding the western approaches, his Spitfire overheated and he bailed out.  Unlucky (or lucky, however you view it) he was 13 miles short of the north/south Irish border when he ditched his Spit in a peat bog.  Since  southern Ireland was nuetral, they interred him in a POW camp of sorts, the same treatment he would have got in Switzerland had he landed there.

He wasn't having any of it.  It was pretty low security (for the German prisoners also, which is hard to understand) and since prisoner could come and go, he went.  Back at base the Brits sent him back, they must be sticklers for rules also.  He escaped again but was caught, and finally the Irish let him go, to get back in the war.

Dan Snow and a team of archeologists are prying that Spitfire out of the bog right now, and a documentary is planned along with some sort of display of the artifacts.  He is tweeting as he goes about recovering the plane and you can follow him, his handle is @DigWW2.

Picture of Spitfire fighter