Christie's auction house in South Kensington has some interesting guns on auction in June.  The headliner, of course, is Al Capone's .38 Colt pistol which is estimated to go for $100K US.  There are other interesting guns in this auction, including Cole Younger's SAA Colt in 44-40 with a letter of provenance from Cole's nephew.  Cole had a wild time robbing banks with Jesse James till he was captured after the failed robbery in Northfield, Minnesota, in 1876.   He got out of jail in 1901 and must have acquired this revolver after that as it wasn't built till 1881.  After getting out of prison, Cole capitalized on his career as a bank robber by touring the south in 1903 as The Cole Younger and Frank James Wild West Show.  This revolver is expected to bring $100K US also.

Picture of Colt SAA