Body armor technology just took another step forward with the marriage of shear thickening fluid and Kevlar.  BAE's new liquid body armor has a multi layered approach that consists of layers of Kevlar with their new fluid mix in between.  The fluid starts to harden immediately upon impact, dispersing the bullet's impact.  Body armor now consists of Kevlar vests with ceramic plate inserts which are pretty bulky and weigh a ton.  This new armor promises to stop bullets, with a 45% reduction in cross sectional area, and less weight while providing greater mobility.  

Shear thickening fluid technology isn't new, it's been used in AWD cars for years.  In that application, plates are intertwined from the front and rear axles and rotate together, and when one starts to slip, or slow down in relation to the other axle, the fluid gets thick quickly and locks the plates together, producing a hydraulic four wheel drive.

The armor is proven to handle 9mm handgun rounds, but the scientists are developing for the holy grail.. stopping rifle bullets.

The following video is from Small World News Service on You Tube