In a story from the BBC, British enthusiasts are buying up old hardware being retired by the British Army. A Jaguar-engined Sabre Tank is profiled in their video, and the guy also owns an armored personnel carrier, an anti-aircraft gun and a Ferret scout car.  This guy sounds like he lives in the US, not England.  There is a Ferret scout car and a Sabre just down the street from here in Cincinnati.

Military vehicles have certain charm for guys that is undeniable.  Most men serve their military duty in the most impressionable years of their lives, and the appeal of owning some heavy metal is strong when you have age and time and resources on your side.  But with the anti-gun bias of the British Government, you would think they would frown on owning military hardware.  The video below is another Englishman, who fixed up his Sabre tank with his son, and enjoys thrashing the local countryside with it. Recently, a Harrier Jump Jet was thrown off Ebay when another Englishman tried to sell it.  (It still is for sale by the way.)

British tank enthusiasts may soon get more fodder for their mill, as the DSA (Disposal Services Authority) has got word to get rid of 40% of the  British Army's tanks.  Oh yes, and all the Harriers. Seems to be a golden age for military collectors, as the world's governments all run out of money.

Video from DrGenestealer on YouTube