Greg Pfeiffer is a gun buff, and history enthusiast. He has lived the American experience for 60 years, including the Woodstock generation and 2 tours in Vietnam. Lately he has turned to writing and spending time on his interests, which include British guns. Britain's history of empire and gunpowder make a fascinating story. From all parts of the world can the British story be told. It was once said that the sun never sets on the British Empire, but I suspect that's because God doesn't trust the British in the dark!

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This site is primarily about machinery. I am a mechanic by trade, and grew up with any boys fascination with mechanical objects. Only in my case it got out of control.

I am not insensitive to the harm and destruction guns have done, but from another perspective, guns are a tool of survival and those same guns have saved the lives of the men behind them. They and the machines that have carried them are mesmerizing. British guns, in particular, have an exotic quality to them, as I am an American. They do things differently there, and that adds to the richness and variety of machines made by men.

Until recently, British guns have always favored the BIG SLUG, from the huge barreled Monitors of the British Navy in the 1860's to the concealed .44 caliber handguns the civilians used to carry. It's sad to notice that examples from that era have disappeared or are disappearing, but that is a normal consequence of life.