A Harrier Jump Jet was pulled from Ebay for violating it's policy of selling guns and weapons, according to the BBC.  The jet is primarily a shell obtained from a museum in England, with the weapons and equipment long removed by the RAF, and this jet body was restored by Chris Wilson of Jet Art, in the Leeds/Bradford neighborhoods in England.  This particular Harrier model is reportedly one of four left in the world.  There does seem to be plenty of interest in this aircraft, as there were plenty of bids before it was yanked on Ebay.  He should be able to sell it easily, as he has already sold seven Harriers in the past.

Jet Art Harrier

The jet was pretty much scrap before Mr. Wilson and his comrades at Jet Art went to work on it in a farm in Queensbury.  The work was all done outside and included a paint job, tires, and weapons pods.  The end result would make  a great yard ornament, replacing your average garden gnome.  Only  £69,999 is the asking price, and the bid was almost there before the auction was terminated.  To buy this jet, just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  If you can't afford the aircraft, there are plenty of other interesting items, like this art panel from a Sea Harrier for only £199.00.

picture of Sea Harrier panel