On November 5th, 100 relatives of the crew of the Jervis Bay took part in a memorial at Chatham Dockyard in Kent. A story in the Daily Record highlights personal stories of survivors, which is a tale of pluck in the face of doom.
The Jervis Bay was an old British merchant liner converted into a convoy escort with the addition of several WW1 vintage 6 inch guns. On 5 November, 1940 she was sheparding a convoy of 37 merchant ships from Nova Scotia to Britain when jumped by the German pocket battleship, the Admiral Scheer. With no thought for their own safety, the Jervis Bay attacked the German ship, with no chance of survival. The tactic was successful as only a few ships from the convoy were lost. There were 65 survivors from a crew of 256, and Captain Fegen was awarded the Victoria Cross posthumously.

Memorial to Jervis Bay