The Wilkinson Sword Company was practically an institution of the British Officer Corps.  It was there the well heeled Victorian Officer got his martial gear for parade and combat.  Located next door to the Board of Ordnance at Pall Mall, in London, a newly minted officer could get his field and parade sword, and while he was in the shop, could choose from the best revolvers and leather gear in the business.

This business of providing upper crust officers with finely finished firearms wasn't lost on Webley & Scott.  They furnished Wilkinson with nicely polished and finished revolvers, which were also  some of the best revolvers in the world at that time, and with which an Officer of the British Crown could fancy himself well armed.

Such a revolver was for sale on Gunbroker on 26 April 2011, and it has provenance for a martial family of some repute.  It still seems to have excellent fit and finish, which would be true to it's roots, and would make a fine addition to your British revolver collection.

picture of Wilkinson-Webley

Update 3/20/13:  This gun belongs to Roy Shadbolt who has decided to keep this fine revolver.  He has an article about it on his excellent site about Wilkinson fighting knives. it's worth a look.

The Taiwanese company Autocopter has been building weaponized UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles) since 2007.  Their product may not be a Global Hawk carrying Hellfire missiles, but it is still lethal in an up close and personal kind of way.  

picture of Autocopter Gunship


The Autocopter Gunship is 8 feet long and weighs 55 lbs with empty gas tanks, and is powered by a 8 1/2 hp turbine.  With standard tanks, the 60 mph machine could get 30 miles before turning back, and could get to 5000 feet.  

picture of Atchisson Shotgun

The thing that makes it lethal are the two mounted Atchisson 12 gauge automatic shotguns.  These guns are made of stainless steel and seem to be very reliable.  Fed by 8 round stick mags or 32 round drums, they fire at the relatively slow 300 rounds per minute, so no selector is needed to control auto or semi-auto fire.  With the long recoil system, there isn't much recoil, the better to control the helicopter, and they can also be fired upside down, and one is mounted upside down.

picture of helicopter being transported

The choice of ammunition is buckshot, standard slug round and a British invention, the Frag-12 round.  Frag-12's come in many flavors, and the most lethal is the armor piercing round which is a spin stabilized shaped charge warhead, designed to blast into armor plate.  This does have the potential to make this bird a troublesome opponent, and changes the possibilities of the hobby helicopter movement.  Even though the technical possiblities are quite interesting, it is also disturbing, having just read Daniel Suarez's "Kill Decision". These lethal flying machines have.... I'll let it go at that.  You'll enjoy the story, but it may also keep you up at night.