A tank was needed for Steven Spielburg's movie "War Horse", and finding a real one was possible, but after 80 years the machines were pretty delicate.  Something more durable was needed, and Neil Corbould's special effects team were enlisted.  Vince Abbott was tasked with designing and building the tank. His video of photographs he took during the build speak for themselves.  Starting with a used excavator, and measurements from a real Mk  IV, his scratchbuilt version slowly came together in about ten weeks.  After the movie was over, Bovington's Tank Museum acquired the tank in 2012 for their programs, giving the real ones a well deserved rest.

From Vince Abbott's YouTube channel

Dan Snow's History Hit podcast featured a tank commander from WW2, David Render, and it was a compelling story of men at war.  David's war began a few days after D-Day, where he started losing men before he even hit the beach.   
That was a rough introduction to WW2, and the guy was only nineteen years old.  For all his achievements in the war, he is still a humble team player, recognizing that he didn't win the war, but the small contributions of everyone involved did.   There is a good story about David Render on the Telegraph.
David is in the process of finishing his book, Tank Action: An Armoured Troop Commander's War 1944–45, and it will be available soon on Amazon.