In a story from the Post and Courier, a 3 ton muzzle loading cannon recovered from the Confederate commerce raider C.S.S. Alabama has been restored and returned to Mobile for display at the Museum of Mobile. The cannon was built in Liverpool in 1862, and was recovered from the wreck of the Alabama, which was discovered in the English Channel in the 80's by the French Navy. The gun was restored by the Warren Lasch Conservation Center in Charleston South Carolina, where the Confederate submarine Hunley is undergoing restoration.

picture of Alabama and the gun

In a story in the Times of Malta, Fort Delimara, a Maltese heritage site, is in danger of collapse. A breakwater built to protect a nearby port directed waves crashing against the fort, which is built into chalk cliffs. Fort Delimara was a British fort built between 1876 and 1888 and still contains what may be the worlds last 4 remaining Victorian 38 ton rifled muzzle loading guns. The Maltese government cites lack of funds to help.

Picture of fort