It may not seem likely now, but at one time England was at serious loggerheads with the Russian Empire.  In response to the threat of invasion in the 1880's, several gun emplacements were established on the coasts of British Commonwealth countries. Sarah Keen visits two of the gun emplacements and writes about them in the Otago Times. The guns stood their ground through both world wars, but only one was fired in anger, allegedly at a friendly ship during WW1 that didn't identify itself quick enough.

Pic of New Zealand gun

Going into action over Libya is one of the RAF's first female Typhoon pilot,  Flight Lieutenant Helen  Seymour.  Based out of Italy, the 31 year-old pilot is tasked with enforcing the no-fly zone.   Britain has at least 70 of this latest Eurofighter at  $125 million per copy with more on order.  Helen isn't the only female fighter pilot either, The Daily Mail also mentions Flight Lieutenant Juliette Fleming, a Tornado pilot who flew missions against the Taliban over  Afghanistan.   It's a brave new world.

Picture of British Typhoon