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Dillon Aero's latest Gatling Gun

The Hybrid M134D-H Gatling Gun is the latest offering from Dillon Aero.  It is a combination of the steel parts from the original M134D gun and mixed with parts from the M134G-T titanium gun to get a combination of weight savings and long life.  This new gun weighs 43.5 pounds and is only 2 pounds heavier than the titanium gun and has a service life of one million rounds. The Dillon guns are in service with the US Armed Forces and in the British Navy.

pic of Dillon Minigun

The original GAU-2 (M134) minigun from the 60's was about to be retired untill Dillon improved the functioning and reliability of the weapon.  Almost every component has been redesigned and now replaces the original gun in U.S. service.

Ironclad, or why we invented guns

The movie Ironclad, just released, about the English King who signed the Magna Carta, takes us on a bloody journey that involves the meglomaniacal King John on his quest for revenge for being forced to sign away his kingly rights to the common folk.   Rochester Castle is occupied by rebels to the Crown, and a seige ensues.  Castles at this point are pretty tough to knock down or blow up, which is why gunpowder came in so handy when it was finally invented.  A few big seige guns would have been nice too, but these guys have to get up close and personal.

Price reduced on gatling gun

Replica of Richard Gatling's 1st model of the Gatling gun.  Live fire, uses reloadable steel chambers for paper cartridges.  Price reduced to $34k for gun and carriage, and $39k for gun, carriage and limber for one horse. Contact Stewart Marshall at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.

pic of gatling gun


British breech loading rifles

An interesting film giving a broad overview of development of British breech loading rifles.  The video is from a BBC2 series taken from a book by Christopher Roads, The Gun.

Christopher Roads latest project, restoring forts in Oman.

Request for British Battleship Info

In an article just published on The News, from Portsmouth England,  there is an appeal from Bob Hind for info from those who had served on British Battleships for a book he's writing.  To quote one paragraph, "I would like to write something different to what has already been written. So if you know of any ex-sailors who might have some information on the above, could you get them to write to me please? Thank you."  

Bob Hinds email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.