Nelson Mandela grew up on the wrong end of South Africa's  policy of apartheid.  He early on was a fan of Mahatma Gandhi, and was sure the non-violent approach was the right one, but this just got him arrested for treason.  He escaped conviction in that early trial and soon decided that armed insurrection was the path.

Picture of Nelson Mandela

His non-violent past led him to believe that  the ANC (African National Congress) could bomb government offices without bloodshed, which later proved to be a pipe dream.  He was labelled a terrorist, but who wouldn't be under those circumstances.  A wing of the  ANC was being trained by Ethiopians and a Colonel gave him a pistol, now beleived to be the first weapon acquired by the ANC. Mr. Mandela buried that gun on a farm outside Johannisburg just before he was arrested in 1962  and put away for life,  but from which  he was released in 1990, and later became  President of South Africa.

A house on that farm is now up for sale according to a story in the Telegraph.  The bids are going up on the belief that the gun is buried on the property somewhere, a story being pushed by the auctioneers.   Mr. Mandela himself would like to see the gun again, and has asked if it had been found.  The old Makarov is said to be worth £1.8m.

Picture of a Makarov


Some people just have to shoot the biggest, baddest, meanest gun they can get their hands on.  Right now the king of the heap is the 4 bore rifle, shooting a 2000 grain solid copper or lead bullet.  The shell is 5 inches long and 1 inch around.  The recoil is, as you can imagine, out of this world and the muzzle energy is around 9000 foot pounds. That equals quite a handful. The guns aren't cheap either, and they are all custom made, as few mainstream manufacturers want the liability.

Picture of 4 bore rifle

There isn't much of a case for necessity for these arms, as a standard 30-06 can kill anything in North America.  However I did just see a notice in the local community paper about the circus coming to Batavia for a weekend.  And they've got elephants too.  Possibly mad elephants.  Maybe I do need one of these.

Picture of 4 bore ammunition

Century Arms in Australia will build me one for US$35,000.  It is just a single barrel, and I better make it count because each shot will cost 85 bucks (on

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