Cruising the Milweb site for military vehicles and came across a couple of Stuart M3 tanks for sale.  Stuart tanks were sent to Commonwealth countries under the lend lease program early in WW2.  Undergunned with a 37mm  main gun, and a unique radial engine, the light tank performed poorly in North Africa and Europe, but was much better suited to jungle warfare in the Pacific.

The Brits also converted these tanks into armored personnel carriers and command vehicles by removing the turret.  British nicknames for these tanks included "Honey", "Kangaroo" and " The General Stuart".  These tanks for sale are in the UK and include the gun and a new set of tracks, but do need a little work.

Picture of Stuart Tanks


Memorial Day is almost here.  There will be a parade in Batavia with a long line of gray haired veterans and some new young ones, the lucky ones, who made it back.  I was one of the lucky ones, and everyone I knew that went to war came back also.

But a lot of guys didn't.  They stuck their neck out to make the world a better place.  They themselves didn't get much for it, they endured discomfort, terror, boredom, and ultimately death, but without them, we would be in a far worse place.  I wish it weren't so, as the lives that were cut short may have done who knows what?  They could have started families, cured cancer, done a million other things to make the world better.  My hat is off to them.

Picture of a G.I.