Found this British Pathe period film on how to shoot an Enfield rifle, military style.  Also has some previews of the (then) new FN service rifle, and some experiments on the .280 bullpup.  Nato squashed the .280, and Britain might have been better off to just adopt the M-16, given the last Enfield's complexity and performance.

The FN was a great rifle, but suffered the same problems as the U.S. M-14, lousy full-auto controllability with a full power service round.  It was also pretty hard on the brass, banging in the neck on extraction where it hit the rifle on the way out.  Not that the military cared much about old brass.

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Ran across some interesting books on the British gunrunning operations during the American Civil War.  "Clyde Built: The Blockade Runners of the American Civil War" by author Eric Graham documents the Scottish contribution to the Confederate war effort.  And it was quite a contribution, as many as a third of all gunrunning ships were built along the banks of the Clyde.  This book is taken  from the Scottish perspective, and while the general assumption is the Brits remained neutral in this conflict, there was so much money to be made, that it overpowered any thoughts of human rights highlighted by the war.  The Brits profited handsomely from their support of both sides in the war, with the added benefit of keeping an international competitor off balance by helping to continue the war.  The Independent published some pictures of the latest gunrunner discovery, the sunken Iona 2.

CLYDE BUILT: The Blockade Runners and Cruisers of the American Civil War at Amazon

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Another book, "Civil War Blockade Running on the Texas Coast" by Andrew Hall, centers on Galvaston as a hub for gunrunning activity.  Plenty of tales of confederate gunrunners activities, along with the US Navy's efforts to curb the flow of guns from Britain.  The author has dived wrecks along the coast, and helped to document several wrecks from the period from both sides of the conflict.  One interesting note, none of the gunrunner's ships survive above water...  

Civil War Blockade Running on the Texas Coast at Amazon

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