The Knob Creek machine gun shoot is going on right now in Kentucky, near Fort Knox, and if you are close by you should drop in for a real martial treat.  Gun enthusiasts (people that like to mess with guns, not criminals) from all over gather to enjoy their hobby.  This event has been going on for years with relatively few injuries, which is amazing considering the lethal nature of the hobby.  Credit must go to the organizers of the event, and the patrons, who all have safety on their minds.

picture of pumpkin targets

This time of year there isn't a pumpkin save from being riddled, and the odd propane tank gets it too, for a little instant gratification.  If you ever wanted to know what being in a war zone sounds like, you get the idea walking into the range from the parking lot,  Along the way are plenty of military vehicles to check out, and you might even get to hitch a ride on a mule.

picture of quad 50

 Civil War enthusiasts like to bring their cannons too.  Anything that can delivered a lead slug down range is utilized for maximum enjoyment of the crowd.  The sheer amount of WW2 calibers being used in the guns keep the surplus vendors happy.  For a unique American treat, you ought to check it out.  You won't find a nicer bunch of guys (and gals).

The video is from motos channel