A Dornier Do17, or Flying Pencil, had been found at Goodwin Sands back in 2008 although it's been largely kept a secret to keep souvenir hunters at bay.  It belonged to Kampfgeschwader 3 and was returning from a 1940 raid on RAF bases around London when it was jumped by a fighter and shot down.  It ended upside down on the bottom in 50 feet of water, killing 2 crew members of four with the other 2 captured later.  The action of the waves and sand covered the wreck, and was originally thought to be in pretty good condition.  Now that it is uncovered,  the RAF Museum is looking to bring it up and put it on display.  Originally it was though to restore it, as it is the last of it's kind, but it would really need so much work they are now just thinking of stabilizing the wreck chemically and putting that on display.

Flight of Dornier 17's

 It's possible that the Dornier was shot down by a Boulton Paul Defiant.  This fighter type had pretty good success early in the war, but by 1941, it was getting less competitive.  It was used with a different strategy, it had a dorsal turret with 4 .303 inch Browning guns, but no forward firing guns.  It operated on the theory of divorcing shooting from flying, and it was thought that flying along side a bomber with a few of these, where the gunners could concentrate their fire and the pilot could concentrate on positioning the plane, would give good results, and it did for awhile.  German fighters soon learned to deal with Defiants, by attacking head on.  The interesting thing about all this is that there is only one surviving Defiant left in the world, just like the Dornier.

Goodwin sands is pretty far offshore, about 4 to 6 miles,  but if you dive for cool stuff, there seems to be plenty there to find, as ships have been sinking there and running aground since at least Roman times, and possibly longer that that.

Boulton Paul Defiant