During WW1 aircraft went from barely a novelty to a deadly killing machine.  The machines advanced rapidly, going from unarmed and obeying a code of honor (which included not shooting at each other) to both sides being turned into deadly killers.  At first, the Lee Enfield rifle was used to take pot shots at the enemy airmen, which failed miserably.  Machine guns were soon to be the norm, at first mounted on swing mounts, which endangered parts of the shooters airplane, to being mounted and fired through the propeller.  This innovation went to Anthony Fokker, who at first offered his services to the British, who turned him down.  He found his stride in the service of the German war machine, the the chagrin of the British fliers.

Albatross in flight

The planes and fliers from the Vintage Aviator in New Zealand lend a realistic view of the war and it's developement of the fighter aircraft.