Gurkha's have been scaring the crap out of Britain's enemies for 200 years.  Just the thought of those curved knives, the kukri, drove off the Argentines in the Falklands War when the Gurkhas landed.  And England got them at a bargain price for years, although by Nepalese standards it was a great deal for the Gurkhas.  Since 1997, their pay got better, and they also have the right to live in England.

These days aren't so great for them now.  The British are downsizing their army, and the Nepalese government is considering banning the practice of serving in a foreign army.  I think that's too bad for the Brits, however, we in the US should consider hiring them.  There is nothing wrong with our army, for sure, but the thought of silent Gurkha killers in the night ought to give our enemies pause.  For some odd reason I can't fathom, insurgents don't seem to be afraid of our soldiers, even though we can rain hellfire down upon them.  Maybe it's because we seem to fight by rules. However, just throw a few Gurkha's in the mix, and let them sneak around at night and leave a few heads lying around, and our enemies will give us a wide berth.