It seems that shooting at radio controlled planes is all the rage these days, and shotgunners from the US and UK have been shooting the GNAT.  These are one step short of military target drones and make a pretty active target for someone used to clay birds.  They also have the benefit of having 10 explosive targets along it's bottom, which is presented to shooters on it's flyby.  They say it's pretty hard to hit, and you will never go back to shooting clays.

Gnat in the UK

Gnat in the US

Gnat in action 

And now they are doing it for the children.  This event in Tampa Bay last year was to benefit The Children's  Home, and it looks like the competitors are having a pretty good time.  The plane takes a pretty good hit, but the GNAT system is prepared for that, and changing out the fuselage is a pretty straightforward task.  It is soon back in the air.