Police departments have a new tool in their toolbox for riot control or for dealing with an unruly individual without killing him. The FN 303 is a 68 caliber polymer launcher with iron sites, and a MIL/STD top rail for optics or other sights. It is air operated, with a bottle that can fire 110 shots at a filling, and a magazine that holds fifteen fin-stabilized projectiles. The projectiles were originally paintball rounds but now are bizmuth spherical rounds designed to break up when hitting an individual, causing blunt force trauma without penetration.

Picture of FN 303 launcher

The launcher can be used stand alone, or slung under an M-16 or M-4 carbine. They have been used in action, and so far only one person has been killed with one, which points out the fact that if you are shooting anything at someone, the possiblilities of a fatal accident exists. This is, however, a much better record than tasers.