Prince Harry is heading back to Afghanistan.  He goes back as an Apache pilot, not a ground pounder, and he isn't sneaking in and out this time.  In 2007, while the British press reported Prince Harry wasn't going to join his unit in Afghanistan, and would be sent to Canada for training instead, he was already in Helmand province as a forward air controller.  Pictures and videos of Harry firing 50 caliber machine guns had circulated after he was already out. 

Prince Harry in 2007

There is no media blackout this time, and he has since moved on to bigger guns, manning an Apache helicopter.  The Royals must not be too worried for his safety, as Apache's don't get too close to the bad guys anymore, and stay pretty high up, out of the reach of most of the taliban's weapons. He is liable to get his hands dirty, as Sky News reports that Brit Apache pilots have been ruthless in dealing with the taliban.  God speed Harry.