I was listening to Chip Monk Family Survival Podcast the other day.  Why?  Mainly because he was relating how a sturdy rifle such as the Lee Enfield would come in handy when the world economic system collapses.  He seems to be pretty worried about it, and it is worrisome but hopefully we're not in such dire straights as to take to the streets with guns.

Occupy protest The zombie apocalypse guys also think this rifle is the thing, when that scenario comes to pass.  The rifle itself cannot be faulted, as it served the British Empire since 1900 or so, and is still in service in some parts of the world, including Afghanistan, where the rifle still causes grief to the coalition troops.   I personally have several hundred year old guns and they are quite servicable.

As far as zombies go, is there really any proof that a bullet would kill something that was already dead?  Who thinks up this stuff?  Well, lets hope the zombies don't wake up and the world muddles along somehow.

picture of original Zombie drawing