A year ago, the Indian province of Assam started to modernize it's police forces, which included moving to more modern arms, giving up it's WW2 Enfield rifles. Between these guys and insurgents in Afghanistan I thought that was about it as far as anyone using these guns in conflicts or organizations, but now it seems the Canadian Rangers are still using them, though not for long.

Canadian Rangers

The Canadian Rangers have been around since WW2 and primarily are used to patrol the sparsely settled northern regions.  Though a large part of the force are Intuit, and other aboriginal tribes, they are not necessarily, but are extremely self reliant.  The Rangers are issued No. 4 Enfield rifles, but parts are getting harder to come by and actually are canabalized from existing rifles.  According to the Vancouver Sun, they are getting some kind of new bolt action rifle in .308 caliber, but which is not settled yet.  Whatever the new rifle will be, it'll have a tough act to follow.

Canadian Rangers Crest