The Royal Navy is taking it on the chin these days.  Once they ruled the waves of the entire world, now it's getting harder to just get a Royal Navy pilot into the cockpit of a British plane, or worse, on their own aircraft carrier.  

The aircraft carrier HMS Invincible was sold for scrap to keep it out of the Chinese Navy.  The HMS Ark Royal is now up for bids... it will also become scrap.  This leaves the HMS Illustrious as the fleet's only carrier.  The replacement carriers, HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Queen Elizabeth, won't be ready for years.  On top of that, the Harriers that used to fly on them have been decommissioned also, so no carrier jets.  The Replacement jets, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, won't be ready for years either.

But all is not lost.  The French have made room for Tommy pilots in their Rafale's and on their carrier so Royal Navy pilots won't lose their edge till the Brit carriers and planes are back on their feet.  Also, according to the Mail Online, they will also eat better than they ever had before.  French cuisine will beat bangers and mash any day.

Picture of French Rafale