Shooting on the Astute

A sailor on board the Astute, one of Britian's nuclear subs, killed the weapons officer and wounds another with an assault rifle.  A visiting dignitary from Southhampton, touring the ship, tackled the guy and took the gun away from him at serious danger to his own life.  Cheers for him.  Story in the Associated Press.

Defense of Imjin River

Story in The Sun on the British defense of the Imjin River at the start of the Korean War.  Gotta hand it to those guys.  Interviews with some of the survivors from 1st Gloucestershire Regiment.  A riveting tale of bugles, Bren guns and guts from what some call "the Forgotton War".

Major Jack Watson dies

In a story in The Daily Mail, an obituary tells the tale of Major Watson, who just died at age 94, and his contribution to taking the Pegasus Bridge during the Battle for Normandy in 1944.  You gotta love those English newspapers, they're a little trashy but they don't forget their heroes.