It looks like the illegal international arms trade is still alive and well.  Belarus has been caught selling Mi-24 Hind helicopters to Laurent Gbagbo, who is trying to start a civil war over his loss of the recent presidential election in Ivory Coast.  According to DW World, one helicopter has already been delivered and two more are on the way.  Hind helicopters were used by Russians to decimate the Afghan opposition during their invasion of the country in the late 70's,  and it took the introduction of the Stinger anti-aircraft missile into the theater to reduce their impact.

Many African countries have suffered from arms dealers arming both sides during civil unrest.  the most notorious is Viktor Bout, now relaxing in the maximum security wing of the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan.  His East European cronies are still in action, however, and now the Dictator/President of Belarus, Alesander Lukashenko, is now on the hot seat.  Thanks to him, a peaceful transition of power in Ivory Coast now has no chance.

2 Hinds in action